The Suribachi kennel name derived from the love of our country and the fight for freedom to live and prosper independently of others. In 1945, the United States Marines landed and captured the Island of Iwo Jima from the Japanease Army during WW2. During that war the marines planted a flag at the top of Mount Suribachi  despite the odds against them after a severe loss of casualties, sparse food and supplies. In honor of our fallen Heros and the fight for freedom, our kennel name was embraced as Suribachi Dobermans  which resides on that mountain, on  Iwo Jima Street where perseverance of the Doberman breed has become our destiny.
Our Mission :


   For over 20 years, Suribachi  Dobermans has devoted themselves to continued growth within breed . The kennel takes refuge in the ongoing outpour of support from breeders, friends, family, veterinarians ,employers, and clients,-striving for development has not only been possible but also amendable to the breed. Suribachi focuses entirely on building a solid foundation from the challenges that many are face as breeders and individuals. Suribachi believes as an individual, becoming pro-active in the breed and taking steps to do something about it, can and will change the future of the Doberman. This in the end not only changes the outcome of the breed, but it changes the future of the breed.

Suribachi Dobermans became a DPCA member August 2017 , and prides themselves in adhering to the DPCA breed standard, along with their code of ethics.

The All Utility Vehicle :

Since 1998, Suribachi Dobermans focus has been on a dog that is superior in trainability, temperamentally sound around children and other dogs, poised in confirmation, noble and correct, as well as short coated. Soon after acquiring their first Wynterwind bitch, They found that Dobermans exceed every expectation making them the all-Utility Vehicle of the dog world. The Doberman is a very smart and agile dog that is willing to please and protect, beyond his call of duty. They are dogs that are very energetic and versatile, yet stable, loving, and dedicated. These dogs are perfect for any task that you give them and are willing to train them to do. Dobermans have excelled in Confirmation, Agility, Schutzhund, French Ring, Obedience, Therapy Work, Search and Rescue, Police Work, Tracking, Dock Jumping, Lure Coursing and honored family pets. There is nothing in this world better than being OWNED, protected and loved by one of these awesome creatures.

Suribachi Dobermans has always engaged in titling their own dogs in conformation events that include IABCA, ICKC, ICE, AKC, UKC as well as obedience events. Suribachi prefers to pursue multiple venues for the dogs, to ensure socialization as well as encourages adaptation to sounds and situations.

Suribachi Dobermans pledges themselves as a resource to breeders and individuals to increase knowledge surrounding the albino Doberman. Suribachi motions to share experiences, research, and materials to arm individuals with understanding of the albinos health, genetics, temperament, and politics. This kennel has become instrumental to many individual decisions made by the fancy, assisting them on paths they take on their journey in the breed.

     As a breeder of Champion Dobermans, we do not condone or support the breeding of the “white”/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation

The Community Drive:

    In 2001, Suribachi Dobermans built a state of the art facility that was well over a $20k investment that added additional units to their existing kennel establishment in a small rural community with residence on all 4 sides of the facilities. This addition was with a slanted cement floor topped with rubber matting that rolled off into a sewer line for easy cleaning. The high raised metal roof was designed to include ceiling fans every 4 foot to cool dogs during the summer months. Dog houses were used as a quite atmosphere for the dogs to rest, within their enclosure. The new addition opened up into a grassy paddock where dogs were exercised regularly, together. This addition was added primarily for Free boarders, rescues and rehomes which constituted half of the kennel facility. Summer health clinics were schedule with the local vets, to service the facility with vaccinations, micro-chipping and health tests for all dogs in the facility, including the free boards, rescues, and program dogs. By 2008 the facility was mounting over $65k to $85k in expenses, with growing numbers of rescues, and breeder surrenders that required food, shelter , and ongoing medical treatment. This slowly rendered the kennel at capacity, any lodging for free boards and personal program dogs became impossible. In 2010, the facility was dismantled and all but 3 dogs rehomed as Suribachi took a step back to re-evaluate their purpose in the breed. Today, Suribachi still engages in rescue, rehome and Free boarders, however it is on a smaller scale, it is done now completely out of their personal home.

    Suribachi Dobermans has also engaged in local catch, de-sex and return of non- domestic feral cats. This kennel has posted donations for feral cats to be spayed and neutered for the community, then returned to their natural habitats in area in which they live. Feral cats become a commodity to the home land owners, keeping rodents, squirrels, and rabbits production down in rural areas. Altering of feral cats ends reproduction, stabilizes cat populations and increases the feral cats quality of life, without stress of mating, pregnancy and fighting. Suribachi believes that altering the animals allows them to live in their natural state, without the risk disease or nuisance of over population of feral cats.

    Suribachi Dobermans has also engaged in picking up stray animals off the side of the road, vetting, vaccinating, chipping and rehoming. As well as pulling animals from the local shelter before their last day, altering, vaccinating, and rehoming. Likewise, Suribachi Dobermans is a very large advocate of rehoming the dogs they have produced, for their own clients when they are no longer able to keep them.

    Suribachi Dobermans has supported rescues organizations in other states with volunteering to doing home visits, dog temperament assessments, and ground transportation.

Giving Back To The Breed

The Focus on 2014:

   In 2014 Suribachi  Dobermans launched a facebook group that hosts a place for a growing number of breeders and individuals to congregate to discuss the breeds health and vitality. Doberman Health Stats and Clinics group was designed to promote health testing within the breed through online clinics for breeders and individuals. With the aid of this kennel, we were able to work hand and hand with genetic testing labs, to get special discounts for bulk health testing on Dobermans of all ages. As a result these clinics have tested for well over 600 diseases in the breed with results being published on by its recipients. This testing has opened the door so that individuals such as yourself can make responsible, educated decision about the health and future of the Doberman breed, for your new family member. You can participate in this group, by referral only or through emailing myself, the group admin at

To date, Suribachi  Dobermans has been at the helm of over 1000 test results being done in rescues, program dogs, free boards, and online clinics.
Spotlight for 2015:

   Surbachi Dobermans yields concern for the rapidly decreasing opportunity involving the Dbdob genetic vestibular deafness test has raised awareness within the Doberman community. Fundraisers have been adopted to restore much needed funding to finalize the dna test, to determine dvdob carrier, clear and affected deaf puppies. In one month of fundraising, $4,030 has been reached, however the study requires $30,000 in order to continue the research. Unfortunately not enough funding was reached. Suribachi waits for another time to pounce on the opportunity to get this project finalized so that the testing for vestibular deafness in Dobermans will be easily accessible to all breeders and owners of the Doberman breed.

Considerations for 2016:

   In 2016, Suribachi  Dobermans is focusing on Cardiomyopathy within the breed, and is working on a way to put more heart monitors in breeders hands so that testing for this disease can be done with ease, vrs waiting on a monitor to be available to breeders for rental. This will establish availability for breeders who have dogs that may have cardio, and require being tested every 6 months, vrs yearly. Suribachi Dobermans plans to pioneer the way, to health testing, and resourcing the results for generations to come.

Progress for 2017:

   In 2017, Suribachi  Dobermans focus is corresponding with breeders and working with DPCA Colleagues to update information on the DPCA Dobquest and filing for prospective dogs Longevity Certificates to where individuals can better navigate through the health of the breed. This information will be useful to bother breeders and prospective owners to research the bloodlines they are intending to bring into their homes or programs. Dobequest can be reached by looking at the following link Suribachi Dobermans has been in tune with much needed requests in fixing component on dobequest by a data entry correspondence and hopes to assist with fund raising for such a worthy cause in the near future. opened Vestibular Disease testing in June 2017., continued support yielding 300 plus samples and funding, enhanced with UK genetics/breeder involvement will hopefully bring this genetic research testing to its conclusion with a written paper for peer review with will allow other labs to off the dna test. This will offer onboarding testing, allowing breeders to test for disease as the prescreen for breeding stock.



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