Suribachi Dobermans Invites You To

Take The Healthy Pet Challenge


So often we are challenged to choose dog food based on;

Availability – how obtainable the product is to you. 

 Price – how does the kibble fit into your budget

Marketing – how often you see it advertised

Referrals – from friends, family, commercial stores & veterinarians 

Often enough these challenges cause us to make choices that in the end are compromising the best for our pets.

We challenge you to take charge of your pets health

Availability– Shipped Right to your door no running around town to pick it up

          Price– Quality Holistic Veterinarian formulated kibble comparable to other brands

Marketing – through breeders whom use the products for their own pets

Referrals – Through individuals that utilize the products with their own pets

Quality Is the last thing you want to compromise 

Recall FREE Zone– Zero recalls in the past 20 years

Manufactured– In the United States of America

Quality Ingredients– Chicken Meal, Taurine , Fruits and Vegetables

Taste Tested & Approved- Challenge your pet to find out what they choose

Stronger Immune Systems, Full Shiny Coats, Muscle Development,  Proper growth development,  Detoxification From Drugs and Chemicals,  Smaller  Compact Stools, Less Dander, Less Pet Smell, Less Shedding.


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