DPCA Longevity Program

Dogs we have owned or produced that lived to be 10 

V Wolfz Hidden Twyst Of Jade LC-3160F04-10L

V Wolf Jamaca Me Crazy   LC-3178M04-10L

V Wolfs Shezablue Baracat Babe  LC-3177F03-11L

Monika’s Emilie v Wolf  LC-3163F03-10D

Von Wolf’s Matrix Reloaded LC-3179M03-11L

Festival De Canes Mitch LC-3401M05-10D

Monika’s Alexandria V Wolf  LC-3146F03-11D

Von Wolf’s Lady Jade Beauty

Trinity Vom Wolf  LC-3080F03-10L

V Wolfz Taquila Sunrise

Ezechiel 25:17 Of Marlav  LC-3001M04-10L

DPCA Bred For Life Certificates

These dogs have a sire/dam that have lived over the age of 10.

Wolfz Rumor of Jade V Titan

Morlav’s Devil Made Me Do It V Wolf

Festival De Canes Quincy Jones